Monday, January 19, 2009

Service Reliability

This morning I was looking for a radio clock that can connect my iPhone and my first stop was the Digitech website as their prices are usually very good. I was getting one Page Load Error after the other until I gave up and went to their shop in Dietikon.

It turned out that not only their website was down, but their whole ordering and payment system had massive issues. Given that Digitech has no large shops (the shops are mainly stocks with a counter to pay…) these problems will probably cost them a whole lot of money - at least I went to the competitor cross the street and bought there…

Such an example dramatically shows the need for Monitoring and Problem Tracing Tools in crucial IT systems within a corporate. Products like Progress Actional can monitor IT infrastructure environments and trace down problems quickly. The time to resolve issues is massively reduced and (financial) risk is minimized.

BTW, while writing this, the shop homepage came up again – looks like they finally fixed it :)

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