Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Is SOA really dead ?!

According to Anne Thomas Manes it is - but it is weird to say that the focus was to technical (rather than architectural) and then stating that services is the right way to go now.

Isn't that actually a step back to a technology focused way of seeing it? Isn't SOA the big picture that we're missing?

I agree that many projects fail because of the overall architecture not being consistent. But I do believe that SOA is still the right way to go. We just have to keep in mind that we are just at the beginning of the journey and all this is just now getting (kind of) mature...

In my eyes the creation, integration and publication of services (even in Cloud Computing) can - and should - still be based on an SOA. So maybe the name will change, but the architecture will survive.

In 2009 the economical crisis will force the industry to focus on quick ROI and therefore the projects will get smaller. The 5-year-ahead-planning days are gone. But still SOA can deliver value in these environment and maybe this is even a good thing, as the number of failures will be reduced.

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