Monday, October 20, 2008

SOA 1.0 + EDA = SOA 2.0 ??

It looks like Gartner has a different interpretation of SOA 2.0...

In my context SOA 2.0 is of course the merger between SOA and the Web 2.0. It is interesting to see this definition, though. It highlights the importance of realtime which ultimately allows to react to any type of event much faster than by using a data warehouse and any sort of BI.

But is this a reason to promote it to version 2.0?

Progress Software has a leading tool for Complex Event Processing (Apama) that gains more and more visbility within the installed base of SOA customers.

So let's see how the term SOA 2.0 will be defined in the future. Maybe I should call my blog SOA 3.0 or SOA 2.5?  We'll see :)

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