Sunday, October 11, 2009

Complex Event Processing is too complex!?

image Progress Software conducted a study recently to figure out how far companies have gotten in terms of “operational responsiveness” in order to align with customers and verify that we are still in line with the demand.

Looks like THE most hyped topic at the moment is “Business Event Processing”, which is the same thing as Complex Event Processing, but sounds a little softer to the ears of business people (I guess).

Actually I truly believe that a Service Oriented Architecture (if done right) can easily be transformed to a Event Driven Architecture (EDA) and thus deliver a real competitive advantage. In the future IT will be real-time or near real-time (remember the business velocity theme?) , but key is the flexibility in which IT can adapt to new requirements. A well executed SOA is crucial and the foundation that allows all this to happen.

Bottom line: don’t fear the ‘complexity’ of CEP, but start laying the SOA foundation now to become as agile as the business requires it in the future…

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